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Northland Aerial 1966

Northland Yearbook 1967 vol. 1

Northland High School Dedication Program 1967

Northland High School was established in 1965. NHS is a part of the Columbus Public Schools system. It is located at 1919 Northcliff Drive, Columbus, Ohio, USA. The current principal is Duane Bland with assistant principals Patricia Adams, Elizabeth Sidorenko, Irma Scott and Dan Martin. Northland is the home of the Vikings. The school colors are Green and Gold. Both musician, songwriter and actor Dwight Yoakam and former NFL football player Doug Smith graduated from Northland on June 9, 1974. Current US Congressman Pat Tiberi (R) representing the 12th district of Ohio is a 1981 graduate. Also, 1997 graduate John Lloyd Smith went on to work for ESPN.

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Northland High School
1919 Northcliffe Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43229

Basic Information

Northland High School
Established 1965
Type Public
Principal Duane Bland
Grades 912
Location Columbus, Ohio USA
Colors Green and gold
Mascot Vikings
Yearbook Valhalla

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Mission statement

The staff of Northland High School is committed to creating an atmosphere that promotes high expectations and successful achievements among its student body; meeting the students' diverse educational needs while encouraging and stimulating creative and critical thinking and developing positive, strong interpersonal skills in our students which are needed for the transition from school to career.


Alma mater  

Northland we will all be true,

Hearts unite in song for you:

Wave we high the green and gold

Mem'ries last 'tho years will roll.

Lives are molded be your frame

Loyalty is not in vain

Echo back the proud reply

We are all for you old Northland High!


Fight song

Go! Go! Go! Northland High

For we will hold our Viking banner high

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Team let's fight

As we are going to beat our foes tonight

Come on let's win! Win! Win! Win is our cry

And let them know that our spirit's ever high!

Let's go, let's fight, let's win tonight

Onward to Viking victory!


Northland Aerial 2007